M1 planning (TBA)

M2 planning (TBA)


The Cnam room numbering is such that the first number gives the stair entrance, the second number the floor (“-1” means first level underground), and the third number the room number within the floor. The following maps shows where the different stairs are. Note that there are two entrances for the Cnam Paris downtown campus: 292 rue St Martin (where stairs from 1 to 27 are located), and 2 rue Conté (where stairs from 30 to 37 are located), in the 3rd arondissement of Paris.

Cnam Paris campus map Р292 rue St Martin & 2 rue Cont̩, 75003 Paris

If/when the room number in the planning is followed by “Jussieu” it means that the course takes place at the Sorbonne University campus at 4 place Jussieu, 5th arrondissement. In this campus, the rooms are placed on a grid, and the room numbering indicates first the corridor between two buildings separated by a “-” , and then a 3-digit number where the first digit indicates the floor and the last two digits indicate the room within the floor. The following map gives the campus building numbering.

Jussieu (Marie Curie) Sorbonne University campus map – 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris.

The commuting time from Cnam Paris campus to Jussieu campus is short, about 15′ by bike as shown in the map below.