The master program includes two types of internship:

  • In the second year (M2), second semester, a compulsory master internship of at least 4 months and up to 7 months, in the period from February to September.
  • In the first year (M1), in the period from June to September, an optional internship of at least 2 months and up to 4 months.  


the internship can be done at a company, a research center or university, in France or abroad. 


Internship in France must be remunerated at a minimum of about  650€ net/month. Internship done at companies are commonly remunerated  much more in the Paris metropolitan area, up to 1800 € net/month.

Internship offers

Master students validating each semester all courses positively (without mark compensation) will be offered a M1 and a M2 internship at the Cnam CEDRIC research labROC team remunerated about 650 € net/month, to work on the ROC team projects.

In addition, students may also freely consider other internship offers in other labs and companies. Commonly, it is not difficult to find an internship opportunity in the Paris metropolitan area that is rich in ICT and AI companies, R&D labs in private and public companies, and has many academic research labs.

The master administrative staff will support the students with their internship search starting in the first semester. A list of available internships is compiled every year in December, including companies and research centers from the AI4CI network, and including also offers from local companies (e.g., Orange, Thales, Nokia, Huawei, BouygTelecom, SFR, SAFRAN, Airbus, etc) and academic research labs.

Support will be offered with the preparation of CV, motivation letters and interviews.

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