For 2024/2025 only, all students admitted to the AI4CI master at CNAM, Paris, will receive full tuition fee waivers in the for of a reimboursement or ad-hoc grant.

Tuition fees are as below.

Tuition fees :

  1. 243 € / year for students citizens of the European Union and assimilated (Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, Québec, “résidents de longue durée”, fiscal residents since at least 2 years, “étudiants des classes préparatoires aux grandes-écoles” CPGE students, refugees).
  2. 3770 € / year for extra-European students.

They include:

  • administrative support for your arrangements (visa, registration, etc),
    • availability of a welcome desk at Cnam for daily-life problem solving.
  • Scientific animation activities
    • 1 welcome week at arrival with social activities,
    • 1 scientific week per year with participation to a Paris-based international conference,
    • participation to trimestrial seminars organized by the research lab.
  • loan of one laptop for students not having one powerful enough.
  • extra-curricular group activities during the academic year,

Tuition fees payment is made in one single payment before end of October for category 2 above. For category 1, in  three steps as follows:

  • 30% : First Installment
    • upon arrival on-site.
    • or before if required for the VISA application process by the local consulate.
  • 40% : Second Installment
    • end of october of each academic year.
  • 30% : Last  Installment
    • before next civil year. 

Nota Bene: different types of scholarships are available. In  addition, master internships can also provide income during the 2 years for a total of 10-11 months of paid internship.

You can also have a sponsoring company that could pay for your tuition fee, if you are admitted to the Master programme, please send full coordinates of the company.